Arabic Translation Service

  • Arabic is the classical Arabic language of 6th century.
  • Arabic belongs to the family of Afroasiatic.
  • Arabic is widely spoken in Western Asia and Northern Africa.
  • There are about 420 million speakers of Arabic worldwide.
  • The modern standard Arabic is derived from the language of the Quran.


Honey translation is one of the leading Arabic language translation services in chennai.We work with a cluster of native Arabic certified  translators with minimum 5 years of experience.We assure high quality translation and proofreading for all customers.We also offer DTP service to assist in final design and layout for any documents in Arabic.We offer you with attractive offers.

Our services include

  • Annual Reports
  • Financial statements
  • Strategic plans
  • Business documentation
  • Technical reports
  • Press Release
  • Legal documents
  • Leaflets and Brochures
  • Websites
  • Certified Translations
  • Educational texts
  • Environmental Studies and more